Kristen Tambara

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Kristen Tambara

Sportswear Brand Marketing Manager, Nike

Kristen Tambara is the Nike Sportswear Brand Marketing Manager for the West Territory, where she is responsible for bringing Nike’s stories of innovation and sport culture to life through advertising, digital engagement, editorial content, integrated retail, and immersive brand experiences.  She is a strategic leader with expertise in spearheading key initiatives for the brand, including All-Star Weekend 2018, ComplexCon, SuperBowl 50, Cortez Since Day One, and more.  Kristen’s progressive perspective and passion led her to be responsible for developing NikeWomen’s newest campaign “Force is Female,” which has been adopted globally by the company.


Prior to Nike, Kristen grew her career in the music & entertainment industry, where she served as a Senior Publicist for Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Interscope Records, Netflix and more.


Born and raised in Southern California, Kristen’s deep understanding for West Coast culture has provided her an advantage as brands continue to look to impact youth culture in LA, and ultimately the world. She is dedicated to pushing boundaries and has a successful track record of leading teams to join her in those efforts.