Carly Vidal Wallace

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Carly Vidal Wallace

Founder, Brisbane Fashion Month

Carly originally from Australia but has been living and working in Paris before moving to Orange County comes from an entrepreneurial family business in the textiles and manufacturing industry.  Her talents over the last ten years have been successfully starting new companies either for herself or with clients and leveraging these to profitable businesses to maintain or sell profit. One of her most notable companies she founded and directed before selling it a little earlier this year was the annual fashion festival called Brisbane Fashion Month ™.  Carly knew there was a niche and a gap in the industry, so she set out to budget, source sponsorship funding, and create a company and team to run a series of 30 events each year in Australia. Most notable in 2017 Carly welcomed Professor Jimmy Choo for a private interview for the festival fans, as well as coordinating multiple venue fashion runway shows with over 1200 tickets sold, from fashion film festivals to Q&A sessions with the Editor of Vogue Australia.


Carly is excited to share her knowledge of starting up a company with little funding, building a following, and creating a financially successful annual fashion event with all the facets involved.  Creating and understanding the power of events where attendees gain knowledge, networking and actual social interaction in Carly’s view; is paramount to any successful business in 2018.

Instagram: @carlyvidalwallace