Candace Lowry

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Candace Lowry

Senior Social Strategist, POPSUGAR.

As a self-proclaimed social expert, Candace seeks to find the next thing that makes the internet tick, while also advising those getting lost in the dark and crazy sides of social media.


After graduating from Pepperdine University, she started as an Editorial Fellow at She was graced by the internet gods to continue on as a writer for the site, and gradually made the shift over to BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, where she was a founding member of BuzzFeed Ladylike and publisher of BuzzFeed Nifty and Top Knot.


She is currently a Senior Social Strategist at POPSUGAR, where she is constantly researching trends, weighing in on important audience and video decisions, and analyzing metrics and numbers.


In her downtime, her brutal honesty and relatable attitude about beauty, weight loss, and holistic wellness, has accrued her over 125,000 fans on Instagram and over 370,000 subscribers on YouTube.